Windshield Water Leak Repair

Water Leak Repairs in Kerrville TX and Fredericksburg TX

Have a leaking windshield or other Auto Glass? We can help! 1st Call Glass repairs leaky Auto Glass and we warranty our repairs. Did you just buy a car and noticed water coming into the vehicle from a front windshield, back windshield or back glass? No problem. We specialize in finding the source of the leak, repairing it right, and retesting to be sure it is gone. Don’t put off taking care of your windshield water leak repair. Water can ruin electronic parts in vehicles. Often the leaking water finds it way into your dash area (like from a windshield leak) and can damage fuse boxes, control units, and other electronics critical to your vehicles function.

Leaking Windshield

Windshields are the most common piece of glass to get changed on a vehicle, therefore we find most common source of water leaks is the front windshield.  No problem, we specialize in repairing the front windshield on most common cars, trucks, and SUVs. Our repairs are thorough and warrantied for the life of ownership of the vehicle. We pride ourselves in making our water leak repairs invisible to the occupants of the vehicle. Typical repairs take about 30 minutes and the vehicle is immediately usable, in other words you can drive away once we are done with the repair.

Leaking Back Glass

Have you noticed stains on your headliner? Or, is the headliner wet in the upper corners in the rear of the cab? You may have a water leak in your rear glass. Back glasses can leak for a variety of reasons including improper installs and regular usage. While not a troublesome as a front windshield leak, back glass leaks can damage headlines, carpet, drip onto passengers, and even damage electrical wiring running alone the sides of the vehicle on the floor. We can fix this issue, often without having to remove the glass.

Leaking Roof Glass like a Sunroof, Moon roof, or Panoramic Roof Glass

Does your sun roof leak when running your vehicle through the car wash? Or, does a hard rain fill your headlines with water? We fix these too! Sunroof repairs including adjustments and water leak issues can lead to electrical problems if not addressed. Just like a leaking windshield, water can after small electrical control devices and fuse boxes. Water can even run down the side pillar covers inside the vehicle and right into your primary fuse box. We find and fix leaks and clogged drain lines in Sunroofs and other roof glass.

Protect your vehicle investment from water damage

A drop of water here and there while running through a car was can turn into wet floorboards during a steady rain and malfunctioning electrical components over time. Putting off a quick and cheap leak repair today could cost you hundreds, even thousands, of dollars down the road if not addressed. We find, fix, and retest water leaks to be sure your problem is repaired correctly and your investment is protected. We also warranty our repairs and provide free follow ups if needed.

Professional Repairs

1st Call Glass is a full service Auto Glass Shop and we provide Windshield Replacement, Windshield Repairs like chips and cracks, as well as water leak repairs. You can relax and have peace of mind that professionals are repairing your water leak and providing a warranty on the repair. We understand that you want your leak repaired cleanly and the appearance of your vehicles exterior and interior protected. Rest assured the 1st Call Glass has the same goals. We fix the leaks with little or no visible evidence that any repair was done and we warranty our work.

Lifetime Warranty on water leak repairs

Our warrant on leak repair is the lifetime of ownership of the vehicle. We use proper materials and techniques to find and fix the leak. We then warranty the repair and offer free touch ups if something was missed. Fix it right and fix it once and your days of worrying are over. Call us today and tells us about your water leak so that we can get you back to 100%.

How much does a leak repair cost in Kerrville TX or Fredericksburg TX?

The cost of a water leak repair on your vehicle depends on a few factors: the vehicle itself (Year, Make, Model), which piece of glass is leaking, what conditions cause the leak (car wash, light or hard rain, etc). Typically speaking, water leak repairs start at $75 and can range up to $150 if a headliner has to be dropped to access the affected area, for example.

How do I fix a water leak in my windshield?

Locating the source of the leak is the first hurdle. Often you need to lower or drop the headliner in order to find exactly where water is entering your vehicle. Don’t try to fix the problem without understanding it first. Once you find the leak, you need to use an appropriate adhesive to fix it. We fix vehicle leaks from the inside of the vehicle. If you intend to fix it from the outside you need an exterior rated adhesive. We use the same glue to fix leaks as manufacturers originally used to install windshields. This type of urethane is typically available from an Auto Part Store or from us. We happily sell the glue you need at discounted prices. Apply a small amount of glue to the leaking section on the windshield. Be careful to keep it off of fabrics and the headliner…often it won’t come off. Wait 24 hours and retest the windshield for leaks before putting the interior back together.


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More about water leaks in windshields

Here is a video showing one of the many causes of water leaks from a windshield.