Auto Glass Warranty Details

1st Call Glass offers a lifetime warranty on all Auto Glass installs including windshields

Lifetime Warranty on
Materials and Labor

We offer one of the strongest warranties in the Auto Glass business. Your vehicle glass installation is covered for life by 1st Call Glass. We know that even the most experienced technicians can make a mistake. Rest assured and have peace of mind knowing that our Auto Glass materials and labor are covered if your installation has any issues. See below for details on our lifetime warranty.

Warranty Coverage Details

Lifetime warranty on labor

Labor Warranty

Our lifetime warranty is among the strongest in the industry. If there are any issues regarding the installation of your windshield, it is covered. This includes issues with the application of the adhesive, the actual installation of the Auto Glass itself, and anything else regarding the labor involved. Basically, if there is an issue with the install, we do not charge you for labor to fix it, labor is covered.

Lifetime Warranty on Materials

Materials Warranty

Rest easy knowing that the Auto Glass is also covered by our lifetime warranty. If there are defects in the glass, it is covered. Sometimes Auto Glass manufacturers produce glass that has defects in the design, shape, curvature, or visibility. Glass with these issues is typically caught before it is installed and exchanged for defect free glass. In the event we miss something, we cover the full cost of both glass and labor to fix such an issue.

Warranty Coverage Limitations

We believe in being thorough about what is and is not covered. If something is not stated in our warranty it may not be covered. Please ask about any concerns you may have to check if it is covered. In general, we cover the installed Auto Glass and the labor to perform the installation.

To remove and replace Auto Glass it is often necessary to remove common trim parts like exterior pillar covers, cowlings, wipers, light bars, sun visors, etc. Basically, if there is exterior trim covering, or in contact with, the windshield or Auto Glass that is being fixed it may have to be removed.

During this process we sometimes encounter vehicles that have degraded or damaged parts from wear and tear, age, exposure to the elements or even acts of God, like a hail storm. 1st Call Glass does not assume any responsibility for damage and/or loss of such parts. There is no way for us to know or predict the condition of these parts or how they were previously installed. Also, some vehicle manufacturers use materials that are not designed for reuse.

Re-calibration of sensors and cameras on vehicles mounted on the windshield is the sole responsibility of the vehicle owner. If your vehicle has safety features such as rain sensors, Lane Departure Warning, Lane Keep Assist, Adaptive Cruse Control, Pedestrian Avoidance, etc. you should consult your local dealer to see if it is recommended to re-calibrate these sensors when your windshield is changed. 1st Call Glass takes no responsibility for the correct operation of such devices or any resulting injury or accident as a result of improper operation of such features or sensors. We highly recommend that you have your dealer re-calibrate required cameras, sensors, and safety features when advised.

Customer Instructions – Your Part!

Install Day – 24 Hours No Car Wash!

Do not wash your vehicle for 24 hours after the installation of Auto Glass. If we use any tape to secure the Auto Glass to the body, you need to leave it for 24 hours as well. This 24 hours period allows time for the adhesive we use to install the glass to partially cure. Once this time frame is over you can treat the glass like normal.

48 hours after install – Wash your car between day 2 and day 5

The only other instruction for you the vehicle owner is to ensure there are no issues after 48 hours. Once a year or so we miss something and we need your help to make sure your install is perfect. After 48 hours, we ask that you run your vehicle through a car wash or use a hose to run water over the newly installed glass to ensure there are no leaks. Please take time to do this between day 2 and no later than day 5.

Please contact us immediately if you notice a water leak. We only get a few issues per year, but we take care of such issues quickly. Please note, if you do not contact us and schedule a repair quickly we cannot be held responsible for damage to your vehicle or belongings due to prolonged exposure to a water leak.